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The Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Juba staff

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Nawal, cook in the canteen of the training Center
Mathilda Hihisa, maid of the guest house
Stephen Andrew, Gardener
Iossike Custody, worker
Betram in his office
Betram in Mogga’s office
Group photo, 2013
with ASASE’s Director, 2013
Group photo, 2013
with ASASE’s Director, 2013
SVDP employee wearing an ASASE t-shirt, 2013
SVDP employees with ASASE t-shirts, 2013
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Salary for a teacher

Finanzieren Sie die Kosten eines Lehrers für 5 Unterrichtsstunden an der Baptiste Bethesda Sekundarschule in Haiti !

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Health Care Centre

You fund the full cost of one hour of operation of the Saint Vincent Health Care Centre located in a remote location in South Sudan.

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Masonry tool kit

You offer 1 masonry tool kit to a graduate of the Lologo Vocational Training Centre in South Sudan, to enable him/her to start working independently.

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