Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle
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ASASE is a Geneva association of public utility that is benefitting of a tax exemption granted by the State of Geneva.
It does not pursue any political, religious nor commercial aims.

Since its creation, exceptionally low administrative costs have enabled ASASE to allocate yearly 95% of funds raised to the projects on site. 
ASASE has always been supported by the Geneva public authorities, by other European associations of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle and by various international charities.

ASASE currently supports development programs in South Sudan (since 2007) and in Haiti (since 1996). Read More

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Who is Sister Emmanuelle ?

soeur emmanuelleSister Emmanuelle (1908-2008) is a Franco-Belgian nun who, at 63, decided to share the life of the inhabitants of the Egyptian slums near Cairo. Eight years later, in 1979, with Michel Bittar, she created the Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle (ASASE).



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The programs, created and run by our local partners, cover a wide range of humanitarian work:

Soudan du Sud

South Sudan

8 vocational trainings:
More than 4300 graduates over the last 12 years (46% women since 2015)

Nursery and Primary School:
More than 1000 pupils (53% girls)

Orphans and street children:
25 boys sent to school and fully supported

Babies feeding:
3 meals per week distributed to 900 children under 5

Medical assistance:
1 health care center in a region totally devoid of medical units

6 income generating programs set up to improve the local partner self- financing:
Pilot farm (60 ha of fenced land)
Poultry farming
Wooden furniture
Truck rental
Guest house



2 schools (nursery, primary, secondary):
1 300 children

1 University (built after the earthquake of 2010):
About 600 students in 5 faculties

A clinic in Hinche and 27 dispensaries in its countryside

Herbal Medicine Production
About ten approved drugs have saved hundreds of people, especially during the cholera epidemics.

Income Generating Programs…


« I have fought all my life, especially for children who are hungry and miserable. I know: it's a drop in the ocean. But if you put this drop of water, the ocean will be less full of bitterness. » (Sister Emmanuelle)

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In Switzerland, your donations are tax deductible to the extent determined by the State.

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With 50 CHF (46 €)

Salary for a teacher

Finanzieren Sie die Kosten eines Lehrers für 5 Unterrichtsstunden an der Baptiste Bethesda Sekundarschule in Haiti !

help us

With 80 CHF (92 €)

Health Care Centre

You fund the full cost of one hour of operation of the Saint Vincent Health Care Centre located in a remote location in South Sudan.

help us

With 350 CHF (322 €)

Masonry tool kit

You offer 1 masonry tool kit to a graduate of the Lologo Vocational Training Centre in South Sudan, to enable him/her to start working independently.